XB Modeler

Simulate heart beats with your molecular model.

XB Modeler is a simulation tool for heart beats

XB Modeler provides a heart beat test that lets you study relations between microscopic laws of molecular kinematics and macroscopic behavior of a heart.

You can also perform a set of basic tests with your molecular model from single filament tests to tissue level tests like experimentalists are doing.

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Half section of a beating heart simulated by XB Modeler from a molecular level with the Huxley and Simons 1971 model. Read more...

It works on your web browser.

XB Modeler is a fully-integrated modeling & simulation environment that works on your web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6+, and IE10+. No need to install or maintain anything special on your PC.

No programming required for modeling.

XB Modeler provides a simple UI to design your molecular model just by defining transition rules between states of myosin heads or troponin/tropomyosin units on a state diagram.

No programming required for simulation.

XB Modeler makes it easy to run simulations from single filament test to heart beat test with a simgle UI. Simulation parameters are configurable to suit your needs.

It's free to get started.

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