6/17(月)の HPC in Asia セッションで「Applications of UT-Heart Multiscale Heart Simulator on K Computer」というタイトルで講演させていただきます。

  • Time: 4:15 PM – 4:40 PM, Monday, June 17, 2013
  • Room: Hall 3, CCL – Congress Center Leipzig

In this talk, we introduce the multiscale heart simulation tool that integrates the three scale phenomena from the microscopic stochastic sarcomere kinetics to the macroscopic heart beat via the mesoscopic myocardial cell assembly.
In the sarcomere kinetics, the stochastic behaviors of the myosin heads in the cooperative cross bridge cycling are directly simulated by the Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. This stochastic sarcomere model is coupled with the contractile myofibril elements in the finite element (FE) cell assembly model. The cell assembly model is further coupled with the macroscopic finite element heart model by means of the homoginization method. Some interesting simulation results on K computer are introduced to show the purposes of such a simulation tool in physiological research area.

また、ISC’13の開催期間中(6/16 – 6/20)は、理研ブースでポスターの展示もあります。こちらのほうもお立ち寄りいただければ幸いです。

In our exhibition some recent results from the K computer which was opened for use in September 2012 are introduced. For example, the Multiscape Multiphysics Heart Simular, Numerical and MPI communication libraries on the K computer.

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