Cardiotoxicity Hazard Map/ECG Data Base

3D hazard map (Google Chrome required)CLICK

▪You can visualize the effect of multiple ion current inhibition (INa, IKr, ICa, INaL and IKs) in a 3D subspace with INa, IKr and ICa co-ordinates. Inhibition ratio of INaL and IKs can be specified by the selection box for each current.
▪Region at arrhythmogenic risk is indicated by dark blocks. Please rotate the presentation for a better view.
▪You can also evaluate the effect of your compound as a trajectory in this 3D space if you specify its pharmacological properties, i.e. its IC50 and Hill coefficient (h) for INa, IKr and ICa inhibition. Inhibition ratio of INaL and IKs should be set using the selection boxes.
▪Drug concentration specified in the box is indicated by a dot on the trajectory.

ECG database CLICK

▪12 lead ECG under the effect of multi-ion current inhibition will be shown by selecting the inhibition ratio of each current.
▪Changes in QT interval (ΔQT), QRS width (ΔQRS), J-Tpeak interval (ΔJTpeak) and interval between Tpeak and Tend (ΔTpeakTend) are also indicated.

Contact Information : Jun-ichi Okada (E-mail:okada[at]

Reference : Jun-ichi Okada, Takashi Yoshinaga, Junko Kurokawa, Takumi Washio, Tetsushi Furukawa, Kohei Sawada, Seiryo Sugiura and Toshiaki Hisada, Arrhythmic hazard map for a 3D whole-ventricles model under multiple ion channel block, British Journal of Pharmacology 2018;175(17):3435-52 doi: 10.1111/bph.14357

Data Availability : Numerical data are available at Figshare : (doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.5946739)

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